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                Lite-Max Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is a wolly Taiwan-invested enterprise established in march 2003. Our manufacturing site consist of approximately 15000M2.We are professional

                Manufacturer of Super bright LED from Taiwan,our LED lamps for application of full color Video Screens ,Traffic Signals, Semiconductor Energy-Saving LED Lamps, lighting Sources for automobiles, Urban illumination and other lighting fields.

                Lite-Max uses high quality materials,advanced instruments, technology and management expertise initiated from Lite-On(Taiwan) while recruited highly-trained staff and the quality management system of ISO9001:2015&IATF,16949:2016,all of which provide firm assurance for our quality.

                We have a well-experienced R&D team, are able to design new product to meet the special specification of our customers. Our philosophy for management is to service our client with best quality lamp and honesty, we will continue our effort in manufacturer best quality Led Lamp, making Lite-Max Optoelecrtonics a first class LED Lamps manufacturer around the globe.